COLIBRI, here, reporting from Mezel, France. Where is that, you ask? If you had more time, you could Google it. But since you don’t have time, COLIBRI will cut to the chase and provide you with time management tips that will not only save you time but enhance the way you use the time you do have.

The ANNACOLIBRI tagline is “simple social media for busy people.” You may have noticed that COLIBRI did not say easy, and she likes to emphasize that. Easy means, well, you know–not difficult. Simple means straightforward–not unnecessarily complex.

This post provides you with seven Taoist time management tips to help you enjoy your life more. In other words, these are time management tips that will help you go with the flow instead of against it.

COLIBRI can’t guarantee these tips will be easy to implement, but she does guarantee that if you implement them, your life will be easier–and more pleasant, too.

Taoist Time Management Tips

  1. Choose a career and lifestyle you enjoy. The logic: if you choose a career and a lifestyle you enjoy, you’ll cut down on procrastination and the resulting complications before you’re even out the gate.
  2. Control your addictions. Start with email, not cigarettes (uh, just kidding). The logic: email is mostly consumption, and COLIBRI knows you are in this game to be creative and productive.
  3. Get enough sleep, eat well, drink water, and exercise. The logic: a sound body makes for a sound(er) mind.
  4. Meditate and/or do yoga (or similar). The logic: a sound spirit makes for a sound(er) mind.
  5. Have fun unrelated to your work. The logic: see #4.
  6. Don’t think when you don’t have to. Huh? For example, keep an editorial calendar, and you won’t have to sweat what to write about for this week’s post because you already thought things through when you set up the calendar. The logic: Since many social media tasks are repetitive and/or cyclical, keeping schedules, calendars and checklists cuts down on a lot of unnecessary thinking and frees up your creative juices.
  7. Sometimes trying to save money actually costs money–or at least takes time and causes aggravation. COLIBRI case in point: COLIBRI decided to lower her phone bill and so-called AT&T to find out her options. COLIBRI saved $200 for a year of service. That might sound like a lot of money, but it took three hours of telephone time, a four-hour jail sentence, er, a service window, and a day of decreased productivity due to a day of interrupted internet service. What is your time (and peace of mind) worth? Of course, COLIBRI could have made this tip simpler by writing, “Never call AT&T.” But what fun would that be?

Key Takeaways

What do all of these tips have in common? They help you go with the flow instead of against it. And this, friends, is how you live the good life.

How about your time-saving tips? Since we’re all just as busy as you are, we want to know!

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