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Growing  engagement on social media is hard. Most social media engagement strategies are all about using attention-grabbing  words, showcasing an intriguing picture, or creating fun stories. What if, instead of looking to your followers for  engagement, , you garnered  engagement from the inside to inspire your followers to do the same ? What if you put the social in social media by getting your employees to be social, not just at work, but also online?

That means inviting  your team to like your posts, occasionally comment, and shout you out on social media. It’s not such a crazy idea when you think about it because this social media engagement strategy is based on inspiring change by  being the change. Let’s say you want five more comments on each Instagram post. You talk  to your employees about that goal and on your next post,  three employees comment on it.  An hour later, one of your followers responds to one of the employee’s comments, and another follower is inspired by all the comments to  add  their own. Just like that, you’ve reached your goal of 5 more comments. 

An added  bonus to  this strategy is that your social content will improve. Now that  your whole team is looking out for your posts, there will be  more eyes on quality control. Encourage your employees to provide feedback  about what they do and do not like about your posts.  Since they are now interacting with your content, they can see what type of wording and content best inspires engagement. 

How to Involve Your Team With a Social Media Engagement Strategy

There is more than one way to involve your team in your social media engagement strategy. Below, we’ve outlined five ways to do so. 

Be Transparent About Your Goals

If you encourage your team to like your posts and occasionally comment, they will probably do it for a few weeks before  slowly forgetting  about it. Instead, tell them why their likes matter. Informing  them of  your engagement goals will give them more reason to participate. 

Keep Your Team in the  Loop

Like I mentioned  above, your team members will lose motivation. To keep them on task and interested, update them on your social analytics. Show them how their likes, comments, and shares have inspired other people to interact with your posts.  More shares and comments will push your post to the top of more people’s feed, and your analytics will reflect that. Let your team know that because of their engagement, your posts have reached  double the amount of people than usual.  That’s extra inspiring because more brand reach means more sales! 

Turn it Into a Game

This one needs little explanation as to how  it will get your team involved. A game gives an incentive and it’s fun! The challenging  part is coming up with ideas for the game. First, choose a prize or incentive. Maybe you can offer up a gift card, company gear, or something bigger such as a prepaid meal for two at a fancy restaurant. The game could be simple, like whoever likes the most posts across all social media platforms each month wins a  prize. It could be a competition between different departments to see who engages most on social media. . A more complicated option would be to hide “clues” for a riddle in your posts. For instance, the title of a  blog post could be  a clue for the answer to a  riddle. Anything is possible as long as you make it fun!

Post About the Team

With their permission of course. Spotlight each team member by asking the team to send in a photo and comment about themselves. Then, introduce your team by posting their submissions to your company’s social media. This is a great way to engage the team as well as your followers. Why? Because it’s personal. When an employee sees a post about their coworker on social media, they will probably like and comment on it because it’s their friend. 

Make It Easy

To get the team started, send them an email with a link to each social channel so they can go though and like your posts. If a post relates to a certain department or team member, tag them in it. 


When implementing employee participation into your social media engagement strategy, remember that your team  needs an incentive to get involved. The whole process  should be fairly simple. Helping  your team  understand  how their participation affects your social media performance is an incentive for them to keep engaging. Sending them reminders and links to content makes it easier  for them to access cross-channel posts,  especially for those who don’t check their social media often. 

The most important thing to know about this strategy is that if you force things, it won’t be effective. If you tell your team they have to comment on five posts a week, their comments will be generic. However, if you tell them their engagement matters because it will inspire other people’s  engagement and lead to more brand reach, they will want to participate in a more  authentic way. 

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