Congratulations, We Are Officially A Social Media Start-up!

As ANNACOLIBRI gets going over the next year, I will report to you in the form of a weekly blog post. I’ll let you know when I meet important milestones and how I’m feeling–whether frustrated, full of joy, or both. And I’ll probably ask you for your input as I go along.

I’m starting the blog this week because ANNACOLIBRI hit two important targets:

  • We have a beautiful website!

I have two people to thank for helping me with the site. First, Debra Baida of Liberated Spaces. She told me, without a doubt, I needed to get the site up and running before I go to the American Society on Aging conference in Washington, D.C., next month. I’m going to be speaking about Early Memory Loss (EML) and how technologies, both ancient and contemporary (e.g., yoga and social media) can help slow and even reverse the dementia process. (FYI, I’m flying to France first to work on a project for ANIS étoilé, so I’ll be sending you a post or two from the French cloud!)

I don’t like to say I couldn’t have done it without him, but if it weren’t for Stephen Standridge, I doubt you would be reading this now. ANNACOLIBRI’s focus is online marketing and publishing, and my PHP knowledge is basically nonexistent. Stephen kindly performed the equivalent of PHP surgery on my woothemed WordPress site. Thank you, Stephen!

  • ANNACOLIBRI is official.

Although we exist in the cloud(s) (we like it up here in Heaven), I have to file paperwork and pay taxes. So, on February 23, I made my trip downtown and did my paperwork. (BTW, I am shamelessly proud to be a San Franciscan, and it was fun to visit our gorgeous City Hall. I fantasize about getting married in the rotunda wearing a Chanel suit.)

Being an entrepreneur and writer in the cloud is hard work. As a yoga teacher, I know that the human body was not meant to sit in a chair all day, and my poor back agrees with me. In fact, I wrote this post standing up, which is kind of like trying to have an orgasm standing up.

What about you? Have you started a business? Do you have any advice for people working desk jobs? Please let me know in the comments section. I love encouraging words!

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