The word “entrepreneur” gets slung around a lot when we’re often talking about small business-owners — I guess entrepreneur just sounds sexier. Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a small business owner, success depends on many things, one of which is where you live and whether that location is woman-friendly — or not.

My mission, when I originally started out as a digital marketer, was to support women in transition who needed to learn technology in order to grow their businesses. My generation, those roughly 35 and above, are not digital natives, but are often not well-enough established in our careers to enjoy the luxury of ignoring digital marketing. As women are still earning roughly 80% of what men are earning, we need all the tools and resources we can get to build our businesses and support ourselves and our families.

Colibri Digital Marketing offers coaching to women who need it, so they can learn the tech savvy skills they need to help their businesses thrive. Of course, the internet is just one part of women need to be successful. Skill and experience just isn’t enough in a world that still undervalues women’s work — even when it’s just work and not actually women’s work. As it happens, it doesn’t just matter what you do, it can also matter where you are.

The Best Places to Be a Woman Entrepreneur

I just read a great blog post from Nerd Wallet (see infographic, below) that rounds up not only the best places to be a woman entrepreneur, but average revenue and lots more. If you are a woman in business, I suggest taking a look and seeing whether your town stacks up or even makes the grade.

Do You Need Help Beating The Odds?

If you are small business owner (male or female, of course) who would like help building your business using digital marketing, please reach out. We would love to help you make a difference. Schedule a complimentary digital marketing strategy session to find out how to leverage digital marketing best practices to grow your business or career.

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