Video marketing can look different across a variety of brands and companies but when you boil it down, it is any video that you produce with the purpose of achieving your business goals. These videos can range from simple cell phone video stories to professional corporate webinars. Just imagine all your other forms of content like e-books, blogs, infographics and social media posts are now in video format: that’s video marketing.

With the number of scams that are prevalent on the internet, people crave companies that they can trust. Videos give that human interaction which helps build that trust with consumers and provide a more authentic experience. Smartphones, YouTube, and social media have made creating videos easier and more accessible than ever before only spurring the movement of video marketing.

Imagine a staggering 180 million users watching online video content per month. These numbers are continually growing at a fast pace every year and gives you a large market that you can tap into to offer your products and services. No matter what business you are running; videos are as essential to your marketing efforts as your website itself.

Video Marketing Guide

It can feel overwhelming to get started with a video digital marketing strategy. Learn more about pre-production filmmaking that will help you launch your video digital marketing.

Find Your Video’s Purpose

The first thing you need to figure out is the purpose of your video. Is it to raise brand awareness? Convert customers? Provide product or service information? Figure out what the bottom line of your video needs to do for viewers. Once your purpose is clear, you can then decide on what your call-to-action will be.

Find Your Video’s Call-to-Action

Once you know what to capture on film, you should now determine what action your viewers would take after they watch your clip. Do you want visitors to try out samples of your products? Download a coupon? Subscribe to your email newsletter? Even just share the video? Be sure to script and style your video for that call to action.

Keep Context in Mind

Knowing where your video will be displayed is a crucial part of planning out your video. Is it going to be published on Instagram? Will it live on your homepage or your about page? Where your video will be posted will determine quite a few key traits about your video including: how long it is, what it’s about, what size it’s filmed at, and the amount of time and money you’ll invest in it. A 15 second Instagram story video will not be produced the same as a 5-minute video that is hosted on your homepage. Remember that social media video posts and ads have a minimum and maximum time-limit for your videos which vary from platform to platform. The display ratios (portrait vs. landscape) are also incredibly varied so keep your camera orientation in mind while filming.

Digital Marketing Video Suggestions

Now that you’ve figured out the basic needs from your video, you have to plan it out. Here are a few ideas to kick off your brainstorming sessions for a variety of purposes. Remember that getting creative with scripts and concepts while embracing your brand is important in helping your company stand apart.

Purpose: Awareness

In this stage, your buyer is looking for a solution to a problem. It is vital for your video to help them recognize what they are searching for by giving answers and expertise. Your video should:

  • Be short (30 to 90-seconds)
  • Have some helpful & informational content
  • Have a call to action that leads to more in-depth content that can be accessed by landing page forms

Purpose: Consideration

Your potential customer is now busy researching the solutions to their needs. This is when your video should show solutions and make comparisons with competitors. Show why you are the best solution on the market today. Your video should:

  • Be between 2 to 10 minutes
  • Contain informative and engaging content
  • Explain solutions
  • Show testimonials
  • Show product demos
  • Include or cite case studies
  • End with a call to action that leads to the decision-based video below

Purpose: Decision

This is the stage where your buyer is ready to purchase. They are just choosing what specifically to buy and from who. While they’re already familiar with your company you just have to give your best offer and pitch, your video should:

  • Include FAQ’s
  • Show reviews, testimonials, and unboxing
  • Include product guides
  • Call to action should lead to purchase offers and discounts

There are many other purposes that your digital marketing videos could have but this guide would be a million words long just trying to cover them! Start off with the above suggestions for some essential videos and you’ll be well on your way to building up your video marketing content. Once you know what kind of videos you need, you’ll need to figure out how to make them work for you and your overall marketing strategy.

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