A good TikTok strategy and the proper use of the platform’s tools can be your way to positioning yourself as a brand on TikTok. This new social network came to innovate and reimagine a new way to reach millions of people. In this blog, we will talk about 5 tips to help you build a TikTok strategy that matches your target audience with entertaining content as you leverage the tools and features the platform offers.

Let’s get started on your TikTok strategy!

1. Use the best hashtags

Hashtags help TikTok’s algorithm position and deliver your content to those who may find it helpful. Hence, you need to strategize what kind of hashtags you want to use to get more visibility on TikTok and boost your posts.

Research Your Hashtags

You must perform a search according to the topics you will be generating content around. You can analyze your audience and brand to develop content pillars or the main subjects you will address in your videos. Then, start researching hashtags!

Flick is a fantastic tool for this job. It will help you make an accurate and thorough search. The platform also provides information about the most viral hashtags regarding your focus. Using generic viral hashtags does not help rank in the platform; we recommend you find and use those related to your content and the audience you want to focus on. This way, you will ensure that your brand reaches the community you are aiming for and that they engage with the content you create.

It’s essential to remember not to overload your captions with hashtags. Five will do the job and let TikTok rank your videos in the chosen categories. 

When To Use Generic Viral Tags

As the last tip on hashtags, use those extremely generic viral hashtags like #fy or #foryou. These hashtags are used in over 3 billion posts, ensuring your content can be visible within billions of videos. These are prevalent hashtags TikTokers use to explore content related to their interests when skimming through the platform, and they could find you there too!

TikTok strategy
Screenshot: Instagram Hashtags

2. Interact on the platform and engage with your community! 

Being an active user will allow you and the algorithm to get to know each other better. You will provide information about your content, your interests, the audience you want to reach, and other data that can help to boost your growth.

Tiktok is one of the platforms where you choose the content you want to see through likes, comments, and the number of times you watch the same video. So, to grow on this platform, you need to reach the content you want so your future followers and customers can view yours.

Engaging in social media goes from likes and comments (the minimum interactions) to making duets or reacting to other users’ videos. Engaging will help you position yourself among other content creators and viral videos. Engagement is a step in the right direction if you want to build a community. 

3. Make an impact 

The first few seconds of your videos are crucial for the user to determine whether to continue watching or scroll down. Therefore, the beginning is one of the most critical parts of the video. We invite you to consider the perspective of the user, who generally enters TikTok to clear their mind, look for tips, discover curious facts, or learn new things. 

Users look for speed and will not wait for a long intro. They want to access exciting content quickly, so you must capture their attention from the first second. 

Some tips that can help you to make an impact are based on: 

  • Starting with the main idea from the beginning. 
  • Including striking images
  • Making a surprising transition
  • Starting with a question to the user
  • Arousing their curiosity with an interesting fact.

4. Create a posting schedule 

On TikTok, there are billions of videos uploaded daily, and content creators can upload anywhere from 3 to 7 videos in a single day. You can’t fall behind! Posting regularly will help you and your content filter the right audience.

The idea is to keep a predictable schedule, as going viral on TikTok is not a matter of just uploading one video a week or ten a day; it’s completely unpredictable. We know that the more videos you post, the more likely you will go viral.

Also, posting constantly will help you understand what works for you, what hashtags get you the most visibility, what kind of videos your audience likes, and how to improve your posts to keep growing. TikTok will have enough data to analyze your account, and you will have organic knowledge of how your content is performing. 

5. Follow the trends

Trends keep TikTok constantly innovating, so you need to stay up to speed. Research new trends and viral audio to apply them to your content. This will introduce your content to the specific audience you want to reach. It will also help you approach new audiences that follow trends to view and engage with your content. 

Finding trending sounds and videos is not difficult. It’s a matter of digging into your for-you page or search area, where you will automatically see what’s trending. And this will help you interact as well! See how everything is connected? A tip to consider when choosing your video’s audio is to add a sound. The suggested ones will be the ones that are currently viral and appear more on the for you page. 

Wandering through the for-you page will help you find trends, get inspired, and find new ideas that will work to renew your content. This way, you’ll keep up with trends, get new ideas and grow in TikTok!

Key Takeaways

We know your mind is active with new ideas and practices to succeed on this platform after reading these tips. Following these steps will be the starting point to positioning yourself on TikTok, as long as you apply them regularly. It is vital to remember that it is a process. Step by step, you will be able to gain more understanding of this platform, renew your content, create new ideas, post more agilely, improve your TikTok atrategy and probably, go viral!

Do you still have questions about developing a TikTok strategy? We can help you understand the process and find the best opportunities for your account and industry. Schedule a complimentary session with us!