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Tim Handley with Lars Hundal, eMarketeer Founder & CEO

As many of you know, I am an eMarketeer affiliate. I am partnering with eMarketeer because as my business grows and I get larger clients with larger projects, I want to offer them a full array of marketing tools. Today, more and more businesses are using marketing automation to help build their own businesses. Products like eMarketeer help smaller and medium sized businesses play with the big girls — or boys if you’re used to thinking of business people as male.

eMarketeer is a Swedish company with a large presence in Scandinavia. The company got its start in 2002 as an email followup system for Swedish elementary schools and has steadily grown from there. Now, eMarketeer has hosts user conferences from Norway to Finland and across the Nordic countries for brand evangelists who love the editor (if this isn’t a Geek Love success story, what is?).

What I love about eMarketeer is that it’s the “real deal.” While it’s not as flashy as some of its friends in the marketing automation space, the founders and the staff are passionate about creating great software that is a pleasure to use for both tech savvy marketers like me and developers with advanced know-how and can-do.

I asked Tim Handley, Director, US Division, eMarketeer, to tell us a little more about eMarketeer, what led up to his decision to take this role, and where he sees the company going.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your background. How did you get involved with eMarketeer? What is the philosophy behind your business?

I am an entrepreneur, or at least I think of myself that way. I have been told the portrait of the consummate entrepreneur is someone who would be promptly fired in most corporations. I founded and built a great company that crashed in the great recession [of 2008] after 20 years. eMarketeer is only the second company into which I have put my heart.

I got involved via a mutual connection with the CEO, Lars Hundal. Lars was looking for someone who was … rather self-reliant to duplicate the success that eMarketeer enjoys in Scandinavia here in the US. The needs of the project matched my skill-set rather perfectly, hence it seemed fated that I would enter the world of Marketing Automation.

And I love the leverage that can be afforded by automation, and further love the results that inevitably flow from well-built, highly automated systems.

2. How would you describe your services and what clients can expect?

eMarketeer helps customers with their outbound marketing(Email and SMS), inbound marketing (smart forms integrated into websites, landing pages, social integration, events), and sales enablement (integration into CRM systems).

3. What makes eMarketeer unique?

Our system is both powerful and easy to use, features which are often mutually exclusive. We achieve this by having many features hidden unless ‘Developer Mode’ is activated. The HTML editor that cranks out emails, landing pages, and forms has a cult following in the Nordic region and soon will here as well.

4. Talk about how you like to interact with the community. Tell us about your role in the business community.

I cut my teeth in industry selling over the phone, and have enjoyed the benefit of not having geographic limits as a result. One of the downsides of this is that I don’t feel real comfortable in networking settings like meetups and Chamber of Commerce type functions.

5. What does the future look like for you and eMarketeer? Any ideas on projects or different services you’d like to add on?

The future looks so bright I gotta wear shades. eMarketeer has some very brilliant minds at the helm and in development, and have recently committed to some very cool development objectives. Further, they are highly collaborative and are looking to the needs I translate to them from the US market to guide development. Our next release will have much more in the way of reporting and analytics as well has more seamless integration into more social sites.

6. What do you love most about online marketing in general? What do you love most being Director of the US Division of eMarketeer?

I love the fact that fewer things need to be printed nowadays. My friends the trees are also stoked about this. And so many benefits are conferred by digital platforms, not the least of which is the potential for great scale. Something about having access to a couple of billion prospects all connected in a worldwide market via the internet is … pretty exciting. And being the main guy for the US market gives me a lot of say in the evolution of this product.

7. Many people spend their days at their desks, in front of computers. Any tips for keeping your body healthy and feeling good when you’re at a desk all day?

If I didn’t play tennis, I would be a homicidal maniac. I layer in golf to try to still my mind and the two disciplines really work for me. I would recommend finding activities that involve other people, as often you won’t feel like doing it, but when someone texts you and wants to play … anything, you are more likely to suck it up and go exercise.

8. Who else is in involved in eMarketeer? Who is your team and who do you rely on?

At this juncture, I have lassoed in my family. My oldest daughter is a ‘marketing minion’ and does absolutely stellar design work, something in which I am woefully lacking. And my step dad is helping me with custom interfaces and other highly integrative applications using our API and HTML helper code (DCL) built into the system.

9. How do you use social media and online marketing in your business?

I try to create and curate content that is relevant to my customers on a daily basis. I enjoy this actually. I look at the social platforms like a frontier and it is for us to stake our claim to our brands and key words we want to ‘own.’

10. What’s your advice for up and coming businesses?

Be really clear about the pure impulse that is inside of you that makes you enthused. What you are trying to accomplish in your business should be worth fighting for.

11. Anything else you would like to share about yourself — or eMarketeer?

I am fascinated by how intuitive and easy it is to use for novices, yet for programmers and hardcore HTML people, it provides unlimited ability to create … anything. It is often referred to as a big box of digital Legos: people will find the boundaries of their imagination well before they find boundaries in what the platform can do.

12. What do you think is most important in life — and business?

I think our connections to people are what makes us immortal. And business is all about these types of connections. Some of the best relationships I enjoy were spawned in business.

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