When you are going back and forth the entire process of designing as well as redesigning your entire business website, there are chances that you are going to get caught up with the process, especially when the aesthetics are being considered. However, you need to keep on your mind that if you are interested in accomplishing something and you want to boost the brand awareness or you are interested in generating leads, you have to focus on how your web design and user experience. There are numerous websites that a user is going to come across and if you want to be unique, it is your duty to ensure that the site is optimized in a proper manner.

Web Design and User Experience Tips

Given below is a guideline that you should consider for web design and user experience.

The process of design as well as evaluation

When you are thinking about the complete process of designing your website along with the evaluation, it is your duty to create content that is useful. Creating any unnecessary content can hinder your website from giving an optimal performance, especially when the users are visiting your site. During the complete process of website design, you need to consider what the users are looking forward to by collecting information between the conversations with the actual users of the site. Any suggestion that they have should be taken positively and you need to meet all these expectations so that their requirements can be supported.

Visual hierarchy

The visual hierarchy includes arranging and organizing the different elements of the website, by paving a path for the visitors, so that they can gravitate on the essential aspects first. Therefore, when you are optimizing the site for usability and UX, you have to guide the audience to take the desired action. Ensure that it is an enjoyable and natural process for the audience.

Navigational ease

According to Saleslion, 47% of the visitors of a site are responsible for checking the products or services page first before they look into any other section. If your website is easily navigable, users will be drawn in instantly, and they will get what they are looking for. Otherwise, there is a high chance that they are going to leave the website and never come back.

Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow in order to make the website navigable.

  • Take care of the structure of navigation of your website.
  • Use the search box right on top.
  • Do not add numerous options for navigation within a single page.


In order to provide a great experience to the users, your site needs to be compatible with numerous devices, operating systems, as well as browsers, that most of the visitors are making use of. You have to invest in websites, which have responsive and flexible designs. In this manner, it will be easy for your content to get resized automatically and they are going to fit the dimensions of the devices that the users are using.

Remain consistent

Apart from keeping the navigation uniform, it is your duty to remain consistent with both the look as well as the feel of the website. You have to consider certain elements like color schemes, backgrounds, writing tone, typefaces, and a number of other things. If you are consistent in all these aspects, it is definitely going to create a positive impact, when the user experience, as well as usability, is going to be considered. This does not mean that all the pages within your website need to have similar layouts. However, you just need to remain consistent.


Your website has to be built in accordance with the requirements of your customers. It is your responsibility to get the necessary feedback, update all the elements, and keep yourself updated with the users’ preferences. You need to remain user-centric in order to retain customers.

Visual web design trends that you need to understand

Given below is a list of the visual trends, which are going to make your website unique and beautiful. You can take help from a reputed branding agency as well for popularizing your website.

Shapes with colorful gradients

This can sound specific but you need to know that the brands have started using warm tone gradients, and most importantly, they are using gradient inside the abstract shapes. It gives a unique and colorful appeal to the site and also makes it looks sophisticated and classy.

Colorful geometry

Angular and sharp elements are also being used and they can be located in bright colors across a number of landing pages in a multitude of industries. The unconventional lines help in breaking up the grid system and also add energy to your website.

Big and experimental typography

Website designers have already started pushing the typography trend in 2019. Brands have started experimenting with the unconventional type of text formatting, which includes warping, bleeding beyond the boundaries of the page, and over-sizing.

Dark backdrop

There has been a continuous debate surrounding the usage of the dark background on the web pages. However, despite all the negative feedback, the dark background has already made a comeback. It is difficult to pull it off, but when it is applied in an ideal manner, it can have a memorable and lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

Full-screen video

The video was one of the top trends of web design in the year 2018, and it is not going to disappear anytime soon. The video is dominating the social media sites and it is appropriate if web design also follows a similar suit. A full-screen video is capable of attracting more customers in comparison to the images or texts.

Pastel shades

There is no doubt to the fact that millennial pink is getting increasingly popular. Apart from that, the pastel colors are responsible for having a strong influence on both the offline as well as online design trends. The ice cream colors are not just limited to the furniture brands, you can spot them everywhere on the internet.


It is important that you keep all the tips that have been mentioned above on your mind when you are working on your website design. If you follow them properly, you will have a unique and beautiful website, where your customers will keep flocking.

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