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Magnetize Your Client Presentation Packages

In part one of Marketing: Creating Magnetic Client Presentation Packages, COLIBRI gave you the 411 on the information and documents beginners need to create effective marketing materials.

Now that you have these materials together, or at least have made a good start, it’s important to take the next steps and put these materials to work for you.

In order to put your magnetic client presentation package into action, you will need to do three things:

  • Format the package
  • Print the package
  • Put the package online

Let’s get started with formatting.

Formatting Your Magnetic Client Presentation Package

As you format your package, you will need to have some additional information and files on hand, including:

  • Ready access to a file of your logo
  • The hex codes for the colors used for your brand and website

If you choose to format the documents yourself, COLIBRI suggests creating reusable templates so that you can update your documents without having to reformat. If you chose to be a do-it-yourselfer, you will need either a:

  • Word processor (Microsoft Word or Pages) or
  • Template (try

The other choice is to hire a graphic designer to format the documents for you and create templates. This is, of course, quicker and easier, but also more costly. To cut costs and support other solopreneurs, try the Freelancers Union.

Printing Your Magnetic Client Presentation Package

There are three choices:

  • Print up your documents on your own high-quality printer
  • Go to Kinko’s or a similar service
  • Choose a custom printer. Greenerprinter is COLIBRI’s favorite.

Although it is more expensive, COLIBRI recommends choosing a high-quality professional printer for a more polished look.

Putting Your Magnetic Client Presentation Package Online

Alright, friends, you are in the home stretch! The last step is to get your magnetic client presentation package online so everyone can see it.

As you are building your business it is important that you optimize for search engines as you go along. It’s also nice to provide resources to potential clients so you can build relationships with them.

In order to do this, you must put your documents on your website. On a WordPress site, you can do this several ways. Most websites have an About page. Add subpages to your About page, such as Biography, Testimonials and References.

Here is a YouTube tutorial about how to add subpages to your menu.

It’s also a great idea to have some documents on your website in the form of downloadable PDFs.

You can turn any content into a downloadable PDF, but COLIBRI suggests white papers, infographics and any how-to pieces you have written as great places to start.

To learn how to add a link to a downloadable PDF to your WordPress website, watch this video.

Get to Work!

COLIBRI knows, all of this is time-consuming. But it is valuable for many reasons. First of all, once you have your templates, pages and downloads set up, adding to them and maintaining them will be much easier.

You will also have great marketing materials that will help your SEO and provide you with a set of confidence-building documents to share with potential clients and creative partners.


If this is harder than you thought it would be or if you need advice or encouragement, leave your questions in the comments.

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