Twitter is a fast-paced platform that can boost your brand’s reach and help establish a clear brand image. In July, there were many newly released Twitter marketing updates on the platform that can help your company cast a wider net on potential audiences and customers.

Read this blog to find out what these new features look like, where to find them, and how they can help your business achieve your digital marketing goals.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter is already known as a platform for conversations, but with this update, conversations will be happening in a more literal sense.

Twitter spaces will allow people to have audio conversations on Twitter, creating a more intimate, personal feeling between brands and their customers. The possibilities are endless with this feature, from interviews to Q&As to obtaining feedback, Twitter Spaces will allow you to efficiently converse with your customers like never before.

Reach Campaign

The new Reach Campaign allows your ads to be seen by a larger amount of people in a shorter amount of time. This tool will become handy when you want to “build brand awareness, improve brand perception, or get as many people to see your ad as possible such as when you’re launching a new product or brand message”. 

There are best practices guidelines that Twitter has released in regards to the Reach Campaign, here are the suggestions:

  • Ad Formats—The top-performing ad formats suggested by Twitter are image ads, video ads, video ads with website buttons, carousel ads, and moment ads. They also recommend using 3 or more ad styles!
  • Analytics—When the campaign is live, Twitter will be tracking real-time results in the Ads Manager dashboard. Referring to this dashboard to see how you can improve your ads is a crucial step to optimizing your customer reach. 
  • Targeting—Twitter offers consumer-targeting features that allow you to reach people with similar followers, past website visitors, or those following similar brands. There are also different features for mobile vs. desktop targeting, all of which can help you maximize your brand’s publicity.
Screenshot: @ShinerBeer Twitter

Twitter Flight School

While not a digital marketing feature, Twitter’s Flight School has amazing courses that teach you how to optimize your presence on Twitter through advertising. 

The new Launch and Connect Course at Twitter Flight School teach you how to launch your brand successfully and how to connect with potential customers right away. This course is great to take while using the Reach Campaign and Twitter Spaces, both of which help you launch your product and connect with customers.


Twitter is an important platform for your brand because it can offer a more fast-paced, personal connection than many other platforms. With the launch of the Twitter Spaces and Reach Campaign, you will be able to broaden your business’ reach better than ever on Twitter! 

For more social media and digital marketing tips, check out the other blogs that our digital marketing experts have written. If you are still curious about Twitter’s new updates, want an audit of your existing Twitter profile, or want a general digital marketing consultation, schedule a meeting with Colibri Digital Marketing today!