CHICAGO and SAN FRANCISCO, May 3, 2018 – UpCity has announced its 2018 Top Agencies, highlighting the top 1% of local San Francisco agencies. Rated in up to eighteen different areas of business expertise, but with a focus on Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, and advertising, these agencies represent the best-of-class validated providers.

Colibri Digital Marketing has earned the honor of being named one of the top agencies in San Francisco. With more than 270 marketing service providers registered in the UpCity platform, and over 1,100 competitors in San Francisco and Alameda counties, this is a huge vote of confidence for our capabilities and client reviews.

Colibri Digital Marketing has been ranked as one of the top agencies in San Francisco

“We are honored by earning a top spot among the nation’s best agencies,” said Anna Colibri, CEO of Colibri Digital Marketing. She added, “We want to thank our team for the hard work they do for our clients, UpCity for its efforts to define the most-worthy agencies, but, mostly, we thank our clients for their faith in us and their partnership with us each day as we work on their behalf. I am also proud to say that we are the only certified B Corp on the list. We hope that number will grow as digital marketers realize that they can be the change and do business for good.”

“Through their UpCity Ratings, which entail rigorous eligibility and qualification validation in each local market, Colibri Digital Marketing has shown its ability to do an outstanding job in serving San Francisco and national businesses,” noted Dan Olson, CEO and Founder of UpCity. Olson added, “Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the US economy, and the companies who earned this recognition should be proud of their role in helping these business owners succeed and grow, smartly.”

The top agencies are determined based on a combination of the number – and quality – of customer reviews, with certified local presence in each market, as well as a depth of evaluated information on the digital marketing areas in which they focus. Meeting virtually any SMB’s digital marketing needs, agencies in the UpCity network focus on all marketing areas relevant in a fast-changing field.

Speaking for the entire UpCIty network of agencies and Colibri Digital Marketing, Olson observed, “It’s great to be able to help SMBs cut through the uncertainty of not knowing who to turn to for work so critical to their business – and help make clear those agencies they should have on their short list as potential agency partners.”

Colibri Digital Marketing: Accelerating Success for Visionary Brands!

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Now in its seventh year, UpCity covers 300+ local US markets and Canada, ranging from major cities, like New York, to cities of approximately 75,000 people. With 150,000 small-to-medium businesses coming to its marketplace monthly and having vetted and validated over 15,000 agencies, UpCity is the most trusted, and most turned-to, source for local businesses seeking digital marketing agencies and professionals to help them meet expansion and customer acquisition goals.

UpCity helps agencies grow and run their businesses, via strategic counsel, scalable revenue and marketing services, and operations tools.

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