What is prelaunch and how does it help your web presence?

Prelaunch is all the promotion you do before you officially launch and promote a project, event, campaign or website. By creating a prelaunch campaign, you can start developing your web presence before you are even finished creating your product or service. In fact, building a web presence can help you find people on the social web who can actually help you refine your product or service. After all, the point of web presence is to build relationships, and the point of relationships is to find out about people’s unmet needs and fill them.

Prelaunching to boost your web presence will help you feel organized, effective and in control. It will also help you get started and feel involved before everything is perfect (as if it ever is!).

Here’s an 11 step +1 check list of actions you need to take. Some of these we have covered in previous posts:

  1. Identify your niche and your target audience.
  2. Create a persona so that you can tailor the rest of your work right to that magical person!
  3. Identify your competitive advantage.
  4. Make sure you have put your audience first. Is your product or service something ultimately only you think is groovy, or something that will fill a need, solve a problem or create pleasure for someone else? This is critical!
  5. Create your brand, logo and tagline.
  6. Get a domain name.
  7. Choose a webhost.
  8. Point your domain to your webhost’s server.
  9. Set up email (create the email address [email protected] and then forward it to your current account. Later, your current account may become just a personal account, but for now it’s the one you are used to maintaining.
  10. Set up a coming soon page. Use your logo and a striking image. Say something clever!
  11. Set up social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name the heavy weights) so you can have social buttons on your coming soon page.

And now (drum roll, please!) for number our +1:

Here’s the crux of it: in order for steps 1 through 11 to work, you need content. Social media channels, COLIBRI is sad to say, don’t just fill themselves in and get lively. No, friend, it’s you who make them work!

Content, in this case, can be links to articles on your Facebook page, tweets that link to videos on your topic, promoting other people’s events in your posts or having a great LinkedIn profile. The important thing is to consider your persona and create content that will add value to their lives. Real value.

In the beginning, you don’t have an audience, or it’s very small. That’s okay. By having a prelaunch and producing great content as you go, you are creating a foundation for a trusting relationship with other people and beginning to position yourself as an expert. This is called web presence, and it’s a great thing to have.

Later, you will leverage the loyalty, content and authority you create. But for now, get started. It’s prelaunch time!

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