No matter the type of business you own or work at, you need to have clear business values. There is corruption in the world and in order to make the world a better place, businesses and individuals must create ethical practices. In such a competitive market, it can be hard to stick to your values and thrive. How do you create sustainable and moral business practices? For Colibri, the solution is ethical marketing. 

Ethical marketing is a broad term,  so we asked the team what it means to them. Check out their answers below. 

#TeamColibri on ethical Marketing

For me, ethical marketing means being accountable to your public, and taking advantage of the best part of this business

– Maria, Product Manager

Ethical marketing is a philosophy that focuses on the wellbeing of all people, the planet, and the profit of the business. To me, the key is building honest relationships with everyone that interacts with the brand (from clients to teammates and to online users out there there in the world) and building a sense of trust that lasts through the years.

– Andreina, Digital Marketing Manager

Ethical marketing happens on three levels: the individual, the organization, and the world.  

At the individual level, it’s about your values and moral principles those values represent. As a business owner and team leader I hold unique beliefs, and I know that the decisions I make flowing from those values have an impact. I don’t take that lightly! 

Ethical marketing is also about understanding that you matter because, small as you are, you are part of something bigger than yourself. On the organizational level, ethical marketing is about transparency, group examination of values, inclusivity, and relationship to yourself and to the world around you. 

On the world level, we circle back to how our actions as individuals and groups affect not just us, but people and the planet. Everything we do personally and professionally, including digital marketing, holds the possibility of being about our little blue and green planet and all the beautiful people living on it.

—Anna Colibri, Founder and CEO, Colibri Digital Marketing

Ethical Marketing is the creation of content that not only uplifts people but also has a positive impact in the long run. Through ethical marketing an individual or brand allows for the promotions of their values and the values of their audience. It also not aggressive or damaging to anyone else.

-Ben Haberman, Intern

To me, ethical marketing means making a positive change in the world with every ad you activate or post you publish. That means the website you are drawing traffic to exists for a good reason, whether they are fighting to end hunger or an eCommerce store with ethical practices. 

On top of feeling good about the company you are supporting, ethical marketing means telling the truth. Of course, you want to hype up a product but do so ethically. To me, that means no lying or exaggerations. Ethical marketing is values, people, and planet first. 

– Rose Carges, Digital Marketing Associate

To me, ethical marketing is about transparency, honesty, and moral goodness.  It means making the right decisions to create positive change in oneself, employees, consumers, and the world.  Ethical marketing is about using the power we have as a force for good and to make a positive change to promote sustainability on all levels.  

-Alice Kim, Digital Marketing Intern


As a B Corp, we are constantly looking for ways to create more positive change in the world. Our values are based on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit, and we follow those B Corp principles every day to do good for our community. We want to hear how you do that. What does ethical marketing mean to you? What core beliefs is your business built on? Let us know! 

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