A word-of-mouth marketing strategy can do good in a business but to take it to another level you need to up your marketing game. Your presence means that you are looking for various options that can help you double up your word of mouth marketing efforts.

So just sit back and have a good time while we provide you with different ways to increase your word-of-mouth marketing.

Word of mouth marketing is the most effective marketing channel in comparison to other marketing channels such as paid search, pay per click, organic search and display ads. The purchasing decision of a buyer is affected by word of mouth recommendations because they trust recommendations from their friends and relatives or people they may know more than advertisements. Just telling people about your product and waiting for them to spread the word about your product is not an effective option, especially in a competitive business environment.

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Here are a few ideas to help you grow your business through word-of-mouth marketing.

Share Your Strengths

Share what makes you look fascinating, funny, smart and what helps you stand out. This will motivate your customers to share more about your brand. Apart from being motivated to share about you, they will feel more assured about the information they are sharing.    

Generate a Trigger

Linking yourself with other things that your consumers use or do helps you stay top of mind. You can also create new products or services based on the prevalent products or services in the market. This will help people remember you and in return, they will continue to talk about you, thereby resulting in the creation of a successful referral program.

Add Value 

People love to share an experience that touches their heart and is of value to the other one. So just delivering your clients with exceptional service or product is not sufficient. Provide them with an experience that is valuable to them and worth sharing with others. Provide your customers with great products and services as well as after-sale services. This will help build personal relations with your clients and will make you all the more valuable for them.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy and content customers are all you need to improve word-of-mouth marketing, so pay attention to what your customers needs are and how you can satisfy them. Keep your clients satisfied in order to encourage them to recommend your products or brand to others. Make sure that all your customers are satisfied and if they have complaints, address and resolve them as quickly and effectively as possible.

Be Creative and Innovative:     

You need to be creative and innovative in order to survive in today’s dynamic environment. So innovate as much as you can while developing your marketing strategies or designing a product or service. Be original and unique in your ideas. This will enable you to stand out amongst your competitors and will help you gain your customers’ attention.  

Set a standard

Trust is the key to building long term relations with your clients. So to instil trust in them and set a benchmark in your industry by providing them with exceptional products or services and by being honest and transparent. Initially, this will require a lot of your time and effort but the benefits are worth it in the long run. If you deliver great products and customer service, your brand will become a leading brand in the market word-of-mouth marketing will kick in. 

Today more than ever, people are thinking in terms of triple bottom line marketing. One way to stand out from the crowd and develop new audiences is through certifications. Colibri Digital Marketing is a certified B Corp and also NGLCC-certified. There are certifications for green businesses, woman-owned businesses, minority businesses, and more. These certifications position you to stand out from the crowd.

 Engage Your Clients

In order to increase your word of mouth marketing, it is essential to keep your clients engaged. Create engaging and inspiring marketing strategies that encourage your clients to share more and more about you and your brand. Ask your customers to share social media posts or their reviews and testimonials about the product. Creating content related to your product or brand to avail various discount offers will fuel your word-of-mouth marketing.

Update Your Clients

To continue to reap the benefits of word of mouth marketing in the long run, keep your existing clients informed about your latest offers so that they keep visiting your business. Send them discount coupons, flyers, messages, or an email every once in a while to keep them engaged and involved in your business activities

Viral Marketing

Marketing campaigns that are trendy and catchy stay on people’s mind. Opt for marketing campaigns that can easily viralize thereby fueling up your word-of-mouth marketing.

Influencer Co-Marketing

Although Influencers and influencer marketing can be very beneficial in increasing your word-of-mouth marketing campaign, they have lately been getting a bad rap. Asking a renowned influencer to talk about your brand or product over their social media platforms will definitely increase your brand’s visibility as they have the power to influence people’s choice in your brand’s favour.

You can also think in terms of partnerships. For example, referral partners, charities you donate to, or micro-influencers may be willing to promote your offerings in exchange for you promoting theirs. 


In order to increase your word-of-mouth marketing, you should analyse what your clients’ needs are, evaluate what best suits their needs and then provide them with a great product or service paired with a great experience. Provide your clients with great customer service and always seek their valuable feedback to help you evaluate your product or service and work on the shortcomings.   

Just delivering your products is not enough, deliver an experience that encourages people to talk and share about your brand with others.