Start promoting your (hard!) work writing for the web!

Good news, friends. After all of your hard work prepping your web presence and conquering the blank page, promoting your content is–dare COLIBRI to say it–the easy part.

In Part 1 and Part 2 of Web Writing for Beginners, you learned:

  • What to do before you write and
  • How to write directly for the web

and you have already:

  • Understood the basics of values-based marketing
  • Decided why you are writing
  • Researched your audience
  • Created a killer website and blog
  • Decided which social channels you will use
  • Researched key words
  • Put analytics in place on your site
  • Created a production process and, most importantly
  • Produced great content that readers will love and share

Now it’s time to make that hard work pay off.

Promoting Your Web Writing is Fun

Not everyone has the same idea of fun, COLIBRI knows. But after you have put in hours writing something, sharing it is COLIBRI’s idea of pay-off. It’s at this point you find out how effective your web writing can be. This is where you get feedback. This is where you refine your craft and get better and better.

The Nuts and Bolts

Here are some easy tips for promoting your work:

  • Make a checklist of the social channels in which you are active and check them off after you promote on them
  • Write specific headlines for each of your social channels each time you promote
  • Sign up for WiseStamp so people can link to your blog from your email signature (cool, huh?)
  • Add your latest posts to your monthly newsletter if you have one
  • Email your existing customers with a very short summary letting them know about the new post
  • Join groups like Quora and use links to your posts in answers to questions
  • Build relationships with other bloggers to cross-promote and
  • Ensure you have links to your blog on all your print materials (business cards, etc.)

Alright, team! Get started with these tips and let COLIBRI know how it goes.

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