How many of you out there on the web are doing it solo? Is it just you, a cup of coffee and laptop?

Do you own a business in which you are founder, CEO, accountant, blogger, publisher, product designer, programmer, marketer and business developer?

Do you sometimes wish you had a team behind you?

COLIBRI knows, online work is often solitary and sometimes scary.

Solo work has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about them now:

  • Of course you would like some input or an encouraging word. On the other hand, you answer to no one. You make the decisions. You savor your independence.
  • On the downside, every problem that comes up is your problem. There is rarely anyone else to blame. The upside: you learn to take responsibility for yourself and your decisions (and, the glory is yours, too!).
  • On the downside, every deadline that comes is your deadline. The upside: you set your own schedule, so your precious free time is controlled by you.
  • Working on a computer can be dehumanizing and exhausting. Upside: you can do it from a café in France!

The opportunities for creativity, flexibility and independence are as endless as your imagination.

Here are some tips to help you savor your business and your life:

  • Running a solo business is a choice. You can unchoose it.
  • Make networking (online and off) a big part of what you do. This will help your business and your outlook.
  • Get up, exercise, get dressed, get out of the house. Everyday.
  • Reward yourself after each milestone (you pick the reward: movie in bed, new dress, dinner with a friend).
  • Honor your animal, which means that even if you are busy, you stretch, you eat well, you sleep, you get into nature.
  • Choose a regular time to unplug. Taking breaks from the internet will inspire you and keep you fresh.

Remember: this is a big adventure. It is exciting to (wo)man the ship alone, feeling the salty air against your face, your hair streaming behind you. You alone set the course, you make the decisions. You are freer than most people.

Now that we’ve talked about working alone, next week we’ll talk about working together. (Hint: it’s all about communication.)

In the meantime, tell us what you think: what is it like to work alone?

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