Elevating Impact: Nonprofit Advertising Transformation

Discover the transformative journey of an NGO that teamed up with Colibri Digital Marketing to amplify its mission through the power of nonprofit advertising through Google Ad Grants. This case study highlights the strategic approach to enhancing digital visibility and impact for a noble cause.



The NGO had access to Google Ad Grants but was not fully utilizing this resource, only spending about $200 of the available $10,000 per month. The challenge was to enhance their digital strategy to maximize the grant’s potential, increasing their message’s reach and impact.


Why Colibri Digital Marketing?

Colibri Digital Marketing was chosen for its mission-driven approach and deep understanding of nonprofit advertising and marketing needs. We recognized the organization’s potential and, through strategic digital marketing, brought its mission to a broader audience.



Our objective was to optimize the NGO’s use of Google Ad Grants, aiming to fully utilize the $10,000 monthly grant to boost web traffic, raise awareness, and enhance engagement with their cause.


How Colibri Responded

We delved into a strategic overhaul of their digital marketing approach. We ensured the NGO’s message reached the relevant audience by refining ad copy, selecting optimal keywords, and adjusting campaign settings. Our focus on tracking meaningful conversions was crucial in aligning the campaign with the NGO’s mission and objectives.

We also identified the opportunity to update their website, as its UX was not fully optimized. We conducted a complete website strategy and redesign, resulting in a fully SEO-optimized website that maintained the NGO’s essence and core values while highlighting its impact on the communities it supports.



Before nonprofit advertising case study example
Screenshot: Website before CRO and design update


Before nonprofit advertising case study example (website)
Screenshot: Website Before CRO and design updates



After nonprofit advertising case study example
Screenshot: Website after redesign and CRO updates


Screenshot: Website after updates



Thanks to the new strategy and website changes, this NGO is now utilizing its entire Grand budget on Google Ads with a fully CRO-optimized website.

They now receive over 10,000 impressions and 1,000 monthly clicks, fulfilling their brand awareness goal. They have also received newsletter subscriptions and donations through the Google Ads Campaigns, even though that’s not their primary goal with this nonprofit advertising strategy.


Advertising results table
Screenshot: Advertising results in the last three years


Screenshot: Advertising results in February 2022


Screenshot: Advertising results in February 2024


Are you looking to enhance your organization’s nonprofit advertising and digital marketing efforts to maximize your impact? Contact Colibri Digital Marketing today to discover how we can transform your marketing strategy and help you achieve your goals. Get started on your journey to nonprofit advertising excellence.


An NGO based in California, dedicated to creating significant change through education, health, and economic development in East Africa, sought to extend its reach and influence. Despite its critical work in empowering communities and driving sustainable growth, the organization needed a more robust digital presence to share its successes and attract broader support. Their initiatives, ranging from improving educational infrastructure to advancing health programs and economic empowerment, had substantial local impact but needed more global digital recognition to obtain funding to scale their impact.


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