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November is a beautiful month here in San Francisco. The weather shifts between dense, chewy fog and clear golden light with fresh, blue skies. I don’t have a car, so as I walk from appointment to appointment I can feel the cool comfort of the fog and see the satisfying San Franciscan loveliness of a sunlit Victorian. Just around the corner from my house there is a construction site that has completely gutted one of our old ladies, leaving just her three story façade propped up by a wooden frame. An unusual and properly creepy Autumn sight in a town in which, though our weather is subtle, the leaves still change color.

Funny Story

I had to get up early today — 5:45 to be exact — so that I could teach a Twitter Skillshop. On my way downtown carrying more technology than most people would have envisioned even 10 years ago, my phone rang. It was an acquaintance I hadn’t spoken with in about 4 years. Thinking something unusual must be going on, I picked up only to be hung up on.

At the end of the Skillshop, she called back. Thinking maybe there was a problem, I picked up again and asked if everything was okay.

It was, so I said I’d call her back after I wrapped up.

Here’s where it gets funny: She said that she had been streaming German radio early that morning — so she could listen to a Classical station she likes — and, for whatever reason, her phone started calling me.

Since it happened repeatedly, she figured it was a sign we should be in contact and she asked me what was new.

I told her about my online marketing business and she said, “Funny thing. I’m considering launching an online business and I could use your advice.”

I think that’s what you would call Cosmic Lead Generation — a marketing term whose time has come.

Recent Reads

These are the very good reads I’ve been reading lately. I’ve read them by holding them in my hands, feeling and smelling the paper and the ink. Quel bonheur!


Outsell Yourself by Kelly McCormick.

It’s important to keep educating yourself about sales if, like me, it doesn’t come naturally. This book delivers on the promise that you will improve your sales techniques without feeling that icky sleazy feeling selling can cause. A big confidence booster for me: The section on how to talk about money with prospects. For me, it’s been a game-changer.

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase OutSell Yourself at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer.

It’s interesting to learn about an overall business philosophy — especially one this admirable. It’s nice to learn about someone who can be so bravely honest, filled with integrity and a role model for profitable business. Bonus: It’s also fun to learn about the restaurant industry from an insider perspective.

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase Setting the Table at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.


L’élégance du hérisson by Muriel Barbery.

Those who know me know I love France, French and Anna Karenina. This book is all that, rolled into one. Contemporary urban life doesn’t provide many opportunities to discuss literature like Anna Karenina, but one of the main characters in this book made me feel like I had discovered a new friend. I bought the book while visiting friends in Bordeaux. When back in Paris, I visited the street where the drama takes place. Unfortunately I don’t believe this book has been translated into English but when it is you are in for a real treat.

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase L’Elegance du Herisson at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.


Chimera’s Curse by Julia Golding.

This is the last in a four part series I recently read my children. I liked all four books because they have a strong female as the lead and — okay, I’ll spoil it — a relatively happy ending. One of the series’ main themes is ecology.

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Full Moon Feast by Jessica Prentice.

I was recently treated to borscht made from this book’s recipe. It was good, though a little awkward to eat because the recipe called for sliced beets. Borscht is wonderfully nourishing and easy to digest. I suggest you try the book and the recipe — with the one caveat that you dice the beets. Serve with Greek yogurt, fresh dill and rye bread. As the French would say, “miam.”

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase Full Moon Feast at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.

{image by: Joan Shafer}

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